Issue 01 – Editorial Issue

This magazine is for you, the people who question the status quo, shake things up, and break down barriers. Who have the ability to gain a stronger foothold in the beige boardroom of carbon copy corporations by harnessing unique strengths and talents in themselves and others for positive change.




Legends Motivation Magazine includes stories on global trends, philanthropists, start-ups, multi-million dollar businesses, Authors, designers, artists, believers, online/Tech giants, crowdfunding, outsourcing, succession planning, bloggers, renegade models, and much much more can be found in the sections.

We hope you enjoy their stories and are inspired to pursue your own interests!



Our Exclusives

Nari Kaur

Women’s Mindset, Empowerment & Leadership Coach
Founder of SkyHigh Empowerment & Sky high Leadership Coaching

Akso heart


Ogunlade Olalekan


Riri Okoye

Entrepreneur & Business Coach

Pushkar Metha

Founder & CEO - The Solopreneur