You're in the best period ever to be an independent thinker. where the champions combine experimentation and experience. The only remaining query is: Are you fully ready to build?

Our Cause

Legends Motivation is a global organization that connects millions of people evey month with some of the most stable and successful living businesspeople in our generation. businesspeople like Grant Cardon, Samanah Duran, Dan Lok, and many others. Through our magazines, podcasts, videos, blogs, and online courses, we break down their strategies and experiences into actionable, tried-and-true content so that you can launch, develop, and expand your own successful company.

The inspiration

From an idea and a self-funded start-up to becoming a major entrepreneurial resource for millions of people

Unfortunately, there are too many "gurus" and other people who value making a quick buck off of you rather than genuinely assisting you in creating something that matters in the entrepreneur education market.

Legends Motivation is still entirely self-funded today. We continue to work only with real practitioners and founders, and we're moving faster than ever in true startup fashion. We're recruiting, coming up with new ideas, acting, failing, succeeding, and then reversing course and openly sharing everything we learn with our amazing community. We succeed if you do.